Iraq terrorist attack live

The U. SinceIraq has been engaged in a military campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ISIL to recapture territory lost in the western and northern portions of the country. In late Aprilthe U. Sectarian tension continues to plague the region and could possibly expand into a proxy conflict among various international groups. The group is operational in the rural and desert areas of central and northern Iraq.

The group has been listed by the U. Its resurgence added to the instability in Sunni areas, fueled mistrust in Shia areas and facilitated the rise and entrenchment of ISIL, particularly in border regions of Ninewa province in northern Iraq, where Mosul is located.

More than 5, U. Approximately 2 million people are internally displaced and 6. Human Rights Watch Report on Iraq. Iraq The U. Primary Terrorist Presence in Iraq —. Charity-and-Security T August 30th, Share This facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp tumblr pinterest.

Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Follow Us. Tweets by CharitySecurity.Two suicide bombers have blown themselves up in a busy market in central Baghdad, in back-to-back explosions that killed at least 38 people, Iraqi health and police officials said.

The bombings were the most serious attacks in the capital since the prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi, declared victory over Islamic State a little over a month ago, capping a three-year campaign to reclaim territory from the terror group in Iraq.

U.S. Prepared to Retaliate Against Iranian Terror Attacks in Iraq

The attackers struck during rush hour on Monday morning in Tayran Square, which is usually crowded with labourers seeking work. The explosions wounded at least people, the officials said. The death toll has grown since earlier reports from the health ministry, which said 26 people had been killed, and the interior ministry, which said 16 had died. Both said dozens had been wounded.

Ambulances rushed to the scene as security forces sealed off the area. Slippers could be seen scattered about on the blood-stained pavement as cleaners hurried to clear the debris. Photographs posted on social media showed dead bodies and body parts.

Terrorism - attacks in Iraq 2006-2018

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack but it bore all the hallmarks of Islamic State, which has claimed many such atrocities in the past. Abadi met security officials in charge of Baghdad, ordering them to root out militant sleeper cells, according to a brief statement issued by his office.

There have been significantly fewer large attacks in Baghdad and other parts of country since security forces retook nearly all territory once held by Isis militants. Iraqi and US officials had warned that Isis would continue with insurgent-style attacks even after the Iraqi military and US-led coalition succeeded in ousting the group across the country.

The cost of victory has been nearly incalculable as the three-year Isis insurgency devastated much of northern and western Iraq.

On Sunday, Abadi announced a new political coalition, the Victory Alliance, to contest the upcoming elections.

The coalition includes groups close to Tehran. Iran commands great influence in Iraq through proxy militias that have taken part in the campaign against Isis, and which form the core of the Popular Mobilisation Units, also known as the Hashd al-Shaabi, formed from volunteers after the initial Isis advance in The government has proposed holding elections on 12 May, but parliament must approve the date.

Sunni leaders have called for the vote to be delayed until the 3 million people still displaced from the fighting can return to their homes. Topics Iraq. Middle East and North Africa news. Reuse this content. Most popular.Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein provided bases, training camps, and other support to terrorist groups fighting the governments of neighboring Turkey and Iran, as well as to Palestinian terror groups. No, according to the State Department, which gives that title to neighboring Iran.

The State Department has listed Iraq as one of seven states that sponsor terrorism, but experts say Iran, Syria, and, at least in the past, Pakistan, all surpassed Iraq in support for terrorists. Iraq also hosted the mercenary Abu Nidal Organization, whose leader was found dead in Baghdad in August Saddam was a secular dictator, and his regime generally tended to support secular terrorist groups rather than Islamists such as al-Qaeda, experts say.

Safe haven, training, and financial support. In violation of international law, Iraq has also sheltered specific terrorists wanted by other countries, reportedly including:. Iraq has also provided financial support for Palestinian terror groups, including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Palestine Liberation Front, and the Arab Liberation Front, and it channeled money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

Experts say that by promoting Israeli-Palestinian violence, Saddam may have hoped to make it harder for the United States to win Arab support for a campaign against Iraq. There is no concrete evidence linking Iraq to the attacks, and although Iraq never expressed sympathy for the United States after the attacks, it denied any involvement.

This is a subject of heated debate. Still, many of the alleged connections remain tenuous, and because U.

Most intelligence on Iraq and al-Qaeda draws on sources of unknown reliability, including al-Qaeda detainees. In OctoberPresident Bush said that among those who found refuge in Iraq was a "very senior al-Qaeda leader who received medical treatment in Baghdad this year, and who has been associated with planning for chemical and biological attacks"--apparently a reference to a Jordanian operational commander named Abu Musab Zarqawi, who subsequently left Iraq.

A second alleged al-Qaeda operative, the Iraqi national Ahmad Hikmat Shakir, was also thought to have returned to Baghdad after fleeing Afghanistan. Other charges center on possible ties between al-Qaeda operatives and Ansar al-Islam, a Kurdish extremist group that Saddam used as a proxy to combat his Kurdish foes.

It remains unclear whether mutual ties to Ansar indicate any sort of active cooperation between Iraq and al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda and Saddam would seem to have incompatible goals.

Still, Saddam demonstrated signs of selectively cooperating with Islamists— or at least co-opting them. In the s and s, he backed the fundamentalist Syrian Muslim Brotherhood; he also on various occasions adopted Islamist rhetoric; and he supported Palestinian Islamist terror groups. And whatever their differences, Saddam and bin Laden shared a deep hatred of the United States.

It has tried. During the Gulf War, Iraq trained several hundred operatives for planned terrorist attacks on U.The impending war with Iraq greatly raises the risk of a terrorist attack against the U. The issues of Iraq and the war on terrorism will remain linked even after any war ends. The extent of the reconstruction effort and the nature of the post-Saddam government could shape the prospects for terrorism in the Middle East for years to come. Although Iraq has repeatedly employed terrorism as an element of its foreign policy in the past, at least since the s, it has carefully chosen its proxies and used them to pursue limited objectives.

Iraq supported several terrorist groups in the past.

A map of terrorist attacks, according to Wikipedia

For example, Baghdad has harbored the May 15 Organization—a Palestinian group known for bombing airplanes—and gave sanctuary to the Palestine Liberation Front PLF —infamous for the hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the murder of Leon Klinghoffer. Nevertheless, the scale of its backing of terrorist groups was dwarfed by others like Iran, which tried to create large popular insurgencies from whole cloth. In both cases, Iraq has helped these groups establish a safe haven in Iraq itself where they could base their guerrilla wars and plan terrorist attacks.

Ties to the MEK are particularly close, and it has in essence become a wholly owned proxy of Baghdad for use against Iran. Ties to these traditional associates have declined or become less important in recent years.

The MEK remains active, but the pace of its attacks against Iran has fallen off as Baghdad has attempted to mend fences with Tehran. Daniel L. In general, Saddam distrusts what he cannot control. Thus, Baghdad has avoided close association with independent terrorist groups, preferring to work with organizations that it could dominate. Iraq worked with the Abu Nidal Organization and the PLF over which it exercised considerable control, but never forged strong relationships with Fatah, Hizballah, HAMAS, or other groups with a strong independent base and so would never be subservient to Baghdad.

Nor is Saddam a loyal paymaster. Whenever it has sought to attack the United States itself, Iraq has preferred to rely on its own operatives. Thus, Iraqi agents—not terrorist proxies—were involved in attempted bombings of U. Similarly, Iraq used its own people in the failed assassination of President Bush in Former Director of Central Intelligence William Webster noted that during the Gulf War the Iraqi intelligence officers used sequentially numbered passports.

iraq terrorist attack live

As a result, once several officers were arrested, the rest were easily discovered and detained. Nor have Iraqis hidden their hands well. One of the bombers arrested in Southeast Asia even asked that the Iraqi Embassy be notified of his detention. Inthe assassination team in Kuwait used explosives similar to those of previous Iraqi operations and did not practice phone security, making it easy to trace the origin of the plot.

In the days before the outbreak of a war and in its initial stages, Saddam will use terrorism primarily to intimidate and deter the United States. As the conflict progresses, however, defiance and vengeance will increasingly drive his actions. Saddam is also infamous for his desire for revenge.

Yet terrorist attacks before Saddam perceives the war as inevitable—particularly any involving chemical or biological weapons—might trigger the very all-out confrontation that Saddam still hopes to avoid. Even deploying terrorist teams outside of the country in anticipation of a war is risky. The range of targets that Iraq may strike is vast.

It might attack U.

iraq terrorist attack live

As coalition forces near Baghdad, any remaining restraints will disappear: Saddam might opt to use biological or chemical agents in terror attacks in a desperate attempt to deter the United States from mounting the coup de grace against the capital, or merely as a final stab of vengeance. Either as part of a general effort to draw Israel into the war or simply to lash out against the Jewish state in a last-gasp effort to realize what he believes is his historic destiny to liberate Jerusalem, Saddam can also be expected to mount terrorist operations against Israeli targets.

It is foolish to expect that Iraq will make the same simple blunders that hindered its operations in andbut it is equally mistaken to assume that its capabilities are devastating. Although Iraq could conduct traditional truck-bomb attacks, assassinate soldiers and political leaders, and murder large numbers of unprotected innocents, Iraqi operatives may be unable to attack well-protected targets.Inthere were 25 suicide bombings executed by 32 attackers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on BBC News. March 29, Retrieved May 8, April 5, April 9, March 2, August 29, The Guardian. September 10, CBS News. September 22, October 12, October 13, Deseret News Salt Lake City. Archived from the original on May 15, November 12, November 15, Retrieved October 23, Archived from the original on June 14, The Sydney Morning Herald. July 20, December 27, December 31, Retrieved 12 April Terrorist incidents in Iraq in the 21st century.

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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Malak al-Zubeidi says she was lit on fire by her husband and prevented from visiting her parents for eight months. Coronavirus pandemic. Iraq 09 Apr GMT.

Mustafa al-Khadhimi's nomination comes moments after predecessor Adnan al-Zurfi ended his bid to form a government. Coronavirus pandemic 08 Apr GMT. Many pilgrims among Iraq's Shia majority perform annual Shaabaniya pilgrimage to Karbala remotely, to curb virus. Iraq 06 Apr GMT. No damage or casualties reported after projectiles land near site of oilfield service company Halliburton in Basra.

Iraq condemns UK-based news agency's story that claimed number of new infections much higher than official figures.

Iran 02 Apr GMT. Trump, without offering details, warns against possible 'sneak attack' against US troops in Iraq.

Iran 01 Apr GMT. United States reportedly deploying Patriot missiles in Iraq to counter possible Iranian rocket attacks. Iraq 29 Mar GMT. Coalition forces handed over the K1 base in the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk to Iraq's military.

Opinion 29 Mar GMT. Troops at Qayyarah airbase in northern Iraq withdraw after deadly rocket attacks on bases with coalition personnel. Iraq 26 Mar GMT. Projectiles struck near the Baghdad Operations Command, a few hundred meters away from the US embassy.

Turkey 26 Mar GMT. Interior ministry says eight PKK fighters 'neutralised' in retaliation to the mortar attack. Coronavirus pandemic 25 Mar GMT. Global health experts warn misinformation as dangerous as pandemic as Iraqi media claims coronavirus treatment found.

Coronavirus pandemic 22 Mar GMT.

IRAQ: Iraqi Ties to Terrorism

To prevent further spread of the virus, the government imposed a weeklong curfew in Baghdad and other cities and cancelled all domestic flights.

Weather 19 Mar GMT.

iraq terrorist attack live

Toggle navigation. Iraq News. Iraq Outrage over Iraqi woman's alleged torture by her husband Malak al-Zubeidi says she was lit on fire by her husband and prevented from visiting her parents for eight months. Iraq Could it be third time lucky in Iraq with new PM-designate? Coronavirus pandemic UN Middle East envoys urge warring parties to cease fighting now.

Iraq 09 Apr GMT Iraq's head of intelligence named third PM-designate this year Mustafa al-Khadhimi's nomination comes moments after predecessor Adnan al-Zurfi ended his bid to form a government.

Middle East 03 Apr GMT Iraq denies coronavirus news report; suspends Reuters' licence Iraq condemns UK-based news agency's story that claimed number of new infections much higher than official figures. Middle East 27 Mar GMT US-led coalition withdraws from Iraq airbase after rocket attacks Troops at Qayyarah airbase in northern Iraq withdraw after deadly rocket attacks on bases with coalition personnel. Coronavirus pandemic 25 Mar GMT 'Fake news' spreads around coronavirus treatments in Iraq Global health experts warn misinformation as dangerous as pandemic as Iraqi media claims coronavirus treatment found.

Coronavirus pandemic 22 Mar GMT Iraq: Pilgrimage continues despite coronavirus pandemic To prevent further spread of the virus, the government imposed a weeklong curfew in Baghdad and other cities and cancelled all domestic flights. Weather 19 Mar GMT Flooding in northern Iraq stirs fears of landslides Another late winter storm brings too much rain at once. How Iraq's sectarian system came to be by Taif Alkhudary. Iraq and the US withdrawal conundrum by Kamaran Palani.

Muqtada al-Sadr's double game by Hiwa Osman.Additional Information. Show source. Show sources information Show publisher information. Data for previous years can be found here: Country Reports on Terrorism. Terrorism is the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion. In the international community, however, terrorism has no universally agreed, legally binding, criminal law definition.

Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear terrorare perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal, and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants civilians.

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